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It is truly amazing what Q has helped direct Anon discover... I remember way back when Trump first made disparaging comments regarding No Name. I and Q has played was surprised and the talking heads on MSM were losing their mind... they were sure that would be the end of the Trumpster... How many times have we heard that??? Trump is the MASTER troller. We (I) have really come a long way Q has provided the question at the right time to lead the way to this AWAKENING!!!

Thanks for another summary treasure trove. I am REALLY enjoying this front row seat with eyes wide open.

Keep up all the great work!!!

God Bless!!!

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Q is the reason we are where we are today, awake. Those with an inclination to ask the tough questions have found accuracy in Q. It’s undeniable to a percentage of us. It’s our job, as Q believers, to pass along the information but we might alter the window dressing to tame down the presentation. Q to anons to Q followers and out to the normies. It takes each of us, each level.

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